Oil Painting Portrait

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Professional Hand Painted Of Your Ordinary Photo To High End Oil Painting Portrait That Will Be Valued & Cherished For Generations.

Family Oil Painting Portrait


Family Oil Painting Portrait

In addition to pet oil painting portraits, family oil painting portraits are also very popular. For many centuries, family oil painting portraits have adorned the richest homes of European society. Parents, children and other generations of each family appear in these personalized family oil painting portraits. One special thing about family oil painting portraits is that at a good gallery site, artists can create a composition from two or more photos, combining into a group the best poses of each subject. Backgrounds can also be altered or extraneous objects edited out before painting. That is why despite the invention and popularization of the photo, family oil painting portraits continue to evoke a special aura.

Why are family oil painting portraits considered so special? 

First of all, a family oil painting portrait is a very valuable gift. Some customers purchase family oil painting portraits for special occasions such as the arrival of a new child, an anniversary, a wedding or birthdays, etc.. Others want to capture the happiness of their family life in a warm and beautiful hand painted oil painting of each family member. Family oil painting portrait not only presents the talent of an artist but also presents the knot of love and affection which keeps the entire family tied together.

Family oil painting portraits are generally made for special occasions like weddings and festivals, i.e. when the entire family gets together for celebrations. If you are planning for a family get together and desire to get a family portrait done, there are certain things you need to consider. Many of our customers purchase a customized portrait of their senior parents so they will always remember them. These custom portraits are often given to the parents as a tribute to their life. Oil portraits of parents become one of the most valued possessions by sons and daughters when their mother or father eventually passes. These beautiful custom portraits are the best way to honor them and preserve their memory for future generations.

Family oil painting portraits can be made on different textures. You need to decide on the type of texture, according to their preferences. You can also get your family oil painting portrait transformed into an oil painting. It will give your family oil painting portrait a classical and traditional look.

Next, you need to decide upon the best time to get the family portrait paintings done. The best time is generally during festivals and other occasions when the entire family gathers for celebrations. You can also get a missing member added to your family oil painting portrait by simply providing a photograph of the person to the artist.

Family oil painting portraits can capture those few precious moments which are spent together by a an extended family. Therefore it is an invaluable investment and a precious gift for keeping the memories alive from a special occasion.

In the past, when photography was not popular, oil painting was one of the means for family portraits, used to preserve images of their near and dear ones for future generations.

Family oil painting portraits were not only popular because it was used for making personal images but also because it was used as a decorative medium to decorate homes and offices. Mona Lisa, made by the Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci long back in the early 1500s, is most probably the most famous oil painting portrait.

Why don’t you add a Pet Portrait to the Family Oil Painting Portrait? 

A family portrait wall filled with individual photos of members of the family will be a wonderful way to keep the whole family together. So don’t forget to include the member of the family who often goes overlooked – the family pet! While you can choose to take a photo yourself, frame it, and put it up on the wall – nothing is quite as eye-catching as a painted portrait created of your much-loved family pet. This is becoming a very popular method of capturing the character and personality of the family pet in a format that is often breathtaking. 

Besides looking beautiful and elegant, a family oil painting portrait can contribute to the cohesion and emotional union of the entire family. Personalized oil portraits normally evoke emotions and feelings which are much stronger than other objects or gifts. 

Look for a place for your family oil painting portrait!

If you choose beautiful family portrait paintings for decorating your home, your home will be filled with new life and beauty. Thus, you should be very careful while choosing the place for hanging the portraits, as hanging them in the wrong location can reduce their visual affect. You should hang the portraits in places from where they are clearly visible.

If you are getting new family portrait paintings made, you can also plan out the portrait layout, colors and the frame according to the walls and the theme of the rooms where you are planning to hang them. However, if you already have some beautiful portraits on display, you will surely find a perfect place for them in one of your rooms.

The entrance of our home and the hallway are two such places which are perfect for displaying beautiful family portrait paintings. It fact, displaying beautiful portraits at the entrance and welcoming your guest with a beautiful view, will be a great idea. You can also hang your favorite portrait paintings on the hallway wall and enhance their beauty by putting decorative walls lamps by their side. The staircases are another great place to display the portraits since when displayed on the staircases the portraits get highlighted by themselves.

People generally opt for their dining and living areas for displaying a family portrait. These areas are generally chosen by people, as both the family members as well as the guests, can admire the paintings at these locations.

However, besides displaying them at the right place you also need to take good care of them to retain the beauty of your portrait paintings for a long time. For instance, while hanging them, you should ensure that they are hung with strong bolts. They should also be protected from dust, steam and direct sunlight.

If you decide to purchase a personalized family portrait, you will enjoy it for the rest of your life. Your most cherished photograph can be transformed into a family oil painting portrait on canvas that not only brings a memory back to life but will also become a treasured heirloom of the future for you and your family. It is so easy - just send us your favorite photograph and one of our artists will reproduce it in oil to a standard of reproduction that is guaranteed to delight you. Contact us for a perfectly cozy family oil painting portrait! http://theoilpaintingportrait.com/