Oil Painting Portrait

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Professional Hand Painted Of Your Ordinary Photo To High End Oil Painting Portrait That Will Be Valued & Cherished For Generations.


Q. What is the turn around time?

A. The average turn around time is about 2 weeks.  Our artists usually take about a week to paint and with the approval process and shipping time will take about another week.

Q. What kind of photos can I use for portrait painting?

A. We can turn any photo into a painting. However, best results are achieved when the photos are clear, that way our artists can accurately see the details within your photo. We recommend the following for best results:

1. Your photos should be at the highest resolution (no less than 1024x768)

2. You should send extra photos of the subject(s) in the painting for superior detail and quality.

3.  Provide as simple as clear and as precise as possible.

Q. What file format should my photo be in?

Your photos should be a JPEG, TIF, PNG, or GIF file. 

Q. How much is the shipping?

A. There are two ways we can ship it, either by rolled-up or by stretched. If you choose to have your painting rolled, the cost will be $45 and the canvas will be rolled in a tube and be sent to you. You can then take the painting to any frame company to have it finished. Where as, a stretched painting will arrive ready to be framed and hung. Please allow extra days for delivery if you choose to have it stretched. An additional service fee of $40 is required for the stretched service.  This service is only available if requested.

We recommended the "rolled in a tube" service rather than "streched frame" because of delivering cost and the possibility of it being damaged during the shipping process.  Furthermore, you will have more options as to what sort of "streched and framed" services you wanted when you take it to the local stores.  The type of frame to be used for your oil painting portrait is as important as the oil painting itself.  So it is best that we leave this option to you to decide when you have your oil painting in your hands.  

Thank you.

Q. Can you combine images from more than one photograph into a single painting?

Yes! If you send us multiple pictures and describe to us exactly what you want, we can photo montage the portrait. Our graphic artist will use special software to add special effect or removing certain feature or part of the photo as you desired.  We will seek your approval prior painting it.

Q. On the site, you have listed a 24x36 option, what do you do if you want a 36x24 painting?

Communication with the client is the very first step we take when beginning a painting project. The prices will be the same, horizontal or vertical. If you send us a picture that is layed out vertically and want it done horizontally, then simply request so. We take our customer's satisfaction very seriously.

Q. Can you altered or modified the photo for us before turning it into a painting?

A. Yes!  If you have a photo and wanted to add or remove certain feature in the photo, we sure can do!  We may have to charge you for a small fee for our graphic editor's work.  We then send you back the changed photo for you to approve before we are to paint it.

Q. How it works or what is the process?

A. Please follow this link to see how it works.  There is also a video to explain to your of the process.