Professional Hand Painted Of Your Ordinary Photo To High End Oil Painting Portrait That Will Be Valued & Cherished For Generations.

Wedding Oil Painting Portrait

For The Bride and the Groom

A wedding day is often the most important day in the life of a man and of a woman who are to become husband and wife. After the ceremony, the two will have a joyful wedding party with their family and friends. But that special moment should not end after the wedding day. The moment is so precious that surely any bride would want to stop time and let it last forever. Why not immortalize this special moment in a personalized & customized wedding oil portrait of the bride?

For those couples who decide to get married, the actual day of the wedding becomes one of the most important of their entire life. This day symbolizes the beginning of their life as a couple and the confirmation of their love and commitment to each other. A wedding also changes the dynamics of a family with the man or woman now earning the titles of husband and wife. For this reason, many men and women who are about to wed dedicate significant time and money to the ceremony, including dresses, flowers, location and the wedding banquet for guests and family members.

Although getting married is equally important for men and women, the wedding ceremony itself is especially important for the bride. Women often spend significant time and money searching for the perfect dress. On the day of the wedding, the bride spends much more time and money on hairdressing and make up than usual. The bride wants to be the most beautiful woman in the world in the eyes of her future husband, friends and family.

The couple will usually contract the services of a professional photographer to photograph the wedding. On such an important day, they don’t want to assign such an important task to amateurs. Most couples prefer to pay for the services of a professional photographer in order to ensure high quality photos. After the wedding, these bridal photos are traditionally kept in an album.

Many couples take this tradition a step further. They choose the best bridal picture and commission a professional wedding oil portrait to display in their new home. These wedding oil portraits are not only very beautiful, they show everyone who visits their home the importance of their special day.

We would be honored to offer you the most unique wedding gift available. Capture your favorite wedding moment and turn it into a lasting wedding oil painting portrait. When the time comes that you and your partner celebrate your 50th anniversary, your wedding portrait will be there to remind you of the time when you publicly announced your unconditional love for each other. There is nothing to celebrate a memory like one of our stunning custom oil paintings.

We take pride in our list of top notch artists, and give you our guarantee that you'll be getting an incredible wedding portrait oil painting, delivered straight to your door. All you need to do is to upload your photo choice, choose your desired size and style, and then we do the rest.

For the guests

We – as wedding guests - have always had trouble searching for the perfect wedding gift. Pots and pans? No. Mugs? No. Wine Glasses? No. Too ordinary. Picture frame? No…no. Too ordinary again.
Wait! Why not a oil painting portrait?
So, do some research on the internet to see if wedding oil painting portraits are what you'd like to give. And from the service we offer, we are sure that a wedding oil painting portrait is the perfect wedding gift.

Wedding oil painting portrait - a Unique Wedding Gift?

Actually most people have photos of their wedding day, but how many have a wedding oil painting portrait? That is why wedding oil painting portraits are a unique wedding gift idea or a romantic and unusual anniversary gift. It is quick and easy to have a wedding oil painting portrait. There are 3 steps:

  1. Take a photo of the bride and the groom.
    The recommended sizes are:
    40cmX50cm ($590)
    50cmX60cm ($690)
    65cmX80cm ($790)
  2. Upload the photo on a Oil Painting website.
  3. Within a short period of time, the couple receives an original oil portrait of their special day!

Portrait artists will transform the wedding photo into a unique and memorable oil painting... it is even possible to create an entirely new background for the portrait if you wish.

We realize you have many options when shopping for wedding gifts but none will be as special as a wedding oil painting portrait. Let our portrait artists capture the lifetime of love and commitment. All our artists have painted many wedding portraits over the years - we only choose the best for our customers. Make sure you have bookmarked our website, so that you can commission the perfect wedding portrait.

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