Professional Hand Painted Of Your Ordinary Photo To High End Oil Painting Portrait That Will Be Valued & Cherished For Generations.

High School Senior Oil Painting Portrait

Looking for a very unique graduation gift or school portrait?

A high school senior oil painting truly is a unique graduation gift – a shelter for happy and glorious memories. You will be amazed at the amount of detail that goes into one of our high school senior oil painting portraits.You may wonder why an oil painting, not a photo?

Let’s take a quick look at the history of oil painting to understand it's value..
Oil painting is one of the most important and prestigious painting technique for creating portraits. Flemish portrait artists began to use this technique in the 15th century; the luminosity, intensity and transparency of oil paintings endowed these painted portraits with great warmth and exceptional beauty. Our custom made oil portraits reflect the personality of the man or woman painted and the professional artists who successfully creates a unique painting.

Until recently, a personalized oil portrait was a privilege and a sign of distinction only nobility and the very rich could afford. Nowadays, most of us can afford a painted portrait rendered by a professional portrait artist. A portrait painted in oil can become a treasured moment for us, our family and future generations.

Our professional artists paint unique personalized portraits using a photo of your choice. All of our portrait artists pay close attention to every detail of the painting to achieve a painted portrait that is special for you. The final result is a beautiful personalized portrait painted in oil that you will be able to enjoy forever.

You will find some photos in our portfolios. If you put the mouse over the photo, you can see how the painted portraits from these photos look like. Please visit our portrait galleries for more examples of our painted portraits.

That is why people rush to have oil painting portraits especially high school senior oil painting portraits.

As we all know, graduation day is one of the most memorable events of anyone’s life. You can still remember how proud your parents were when you graduated. The feeling of pride in one’s son or daughter is a wonderful moment for every parent's life and time and again, they wish to relive those moments. A graduation day photo is always a special reminder of this occasion, but a high school senior oil painting portrait adds a special touch to this event. This can be a great way to make this memorable day even more special. We are at your service with our best painters, who are experts in creating a beautiful painting from graduation photography.

Creating a high school senior oil painting portrait from graduation photography is not a new thing, but the quality of the high school senior oil painting portrait that we provide you with is unparallel and incomparable to other organizations. A high school senior oil painting portrait, as a gift, is always appreciated and classy and you know that your family deserves something extraordinary and special and so we provide you with the opportunity to gift your graduation oil painting portrait as a father's day or mother's day gift.

A high school senior oil painting portrait from graduation photography always carries an extra emotional value which gives special and unforgettable feelings to you and your parents.. Just send us your graduation photograph and we will give you the best possible high school senior oil painting portrait. We guarantee that the quality of the high school senior oil painting portrait is the best in the market and no other organization or individual will be able to give you the quality, which you will receivefrom this website.

Oil paintings always have a special aesthetic value, because it shows the taste of a person and increases the aesthetic value of the house. We are sure that we are able to give you high school senior oil painting portraits that will redecorate your house. Treat yourself to the best possible oil paintings and of course treat your parents on the special occasions of father’s and/or mother's day.

Why pay someone to edit a picture? Need the blemishes removed? We simply don't paint them in your high school senior oil painting portrait. How about braces, red eye, glasses, a crooked tie? You decide what you want edited and we do it. Simple as that! Each high school senior oil painting portrait is individually hand painted by a very meticulous master artist in the field of fine art! If you don’t like your high school senior oil painting portrait, let us know what we can do to improve it. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

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